What do/did you enjoy about the military?


One thought on “What do/did you enjoy about the military?

  1. The things I enjoyed the most was the constant traveling and the people. In my time in the military I experienced Europe, Hawaii, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The people I met really changed my overall outlook on life and people. My time in Europe allowed me to travel crazy and experience everything good and bad. The best is the memories I have of traveling and the sites and how I got there and the near death experiences off of having fun in places like Rome and Amsterdam. The jobs I had in hostel areas allowed me to find about myself, and made me able to answer the question, when the “crap” hits the fan what will be my reaction. I have a great source of esteem for my actions and the actions of buddies around me.
    All the things that made all of the places I visited regardless if I wanted to or not was the people. The interaction I miss. The banter that goes on between people that know you would go to battle for them literally is only surpassed through the serious talks that you have with the same brothers and sisters. Nothing bonds like service, I would do anything to this day for anybody that I was in a fire fight with, no matter the situation I’m in or they are in. Service Bonds is why I’m apart of Vet 2 Vet and Open Ranks.

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